Split Core Current Transducer SC200-1

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The SC200-1 split core current transducer is AC field selectable with 0…10, 0…20 and 0…50 Amp range and 4…20mA DC output. The split core opens and is designed for ease of installation and retrofit applications.

Technical Data

Input ranges: 0…10 Amp, 0…20 Amp, 0…50 Amp
Output signal: 4…20mA
Power supply required: 12…40 VDC
Sensing aperture: 0.85” sq.
VFI technology: no
Approvals: UL, ULC, CE

    Q: How does the Split Core Current Transducer SC200-1 maintain accuracy in measuring current flow?
    A: The SC200-1 Split Core CT (current transducer) uses a toroid coil to measure the current of a process wire accurately. The use of a toroid coil allows for efficient magnetic coupling, reduced interference, and high inductance, making toroidal coils valuable components in many electrical and electronic systems.


    Q: What makes the Split Core Current Transducer SC200-1 a preferred choice for retrofit projects?
    A: The SC200-1 is suitable for retrofit applications because of the split core design. It can be easily clipped around a pre-existing current transducer circuit process wire, negating the need for potentially costly and extensive electrical wiring work.


    Q: Can the Split Core Current Transducer SC200-1 cater to varied current range requirements?
    A: The SC200-1 is incredibly versatile and is used in a wide variety of industrial applications:
    • The current transducer 4 20ma is common process control standard
    • The wide 0 to 50ma sensing range is a good balance between range and accuracy
    • The split core design makes for very simple installation around pre-existing process wires

    Split Core Current Transducer SC200-1

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