About Us

Enercorp instruments ltd is proud to be a Canadian family run business with over 40 years experience. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff can be found at our plant and head office in Brampton, Ontario, where they will help answer any inquiries promptly and manufacture custom instrumentation with minimal lead times.


Our product line covers a wide range of process sensing requirements. The measurement of temperature, pressure, electrical current, moisture content, and meteorological monitoring and data collection all fall under our area of expertise. Within each category, we sell and support a diverse collection of sensors. No matter the scale, precision, accuracy, or customization required for your projects, we have the right instruments to best serve your needs.

Since 1977, Enercorp has been manufacturing quality custom instrumentation for a diverse clientele. Our products are used in HVAC, industrial monitoring, food processing, waste management, agricultural applications and more. We have been instrumental in all sorts of direct applications, from making snow on the ski slopes to controlling the delicate atmosphere around King Tut’s museum display.


Here at Enercorp, we strive to create high quality, accurate, and cost-efficient instrumentation. This is achieved not by cutting corners or using inferior components, but by reducing waste materials, volume component purchasing, and employing structured manufacturing techniques. Repair and replacement are also important characteristics that we strive to include in our designs. Producing swappable components helps us cut down on manufacturing lead times and helps you in achieving the lowest possible long term system costs, although we guarantee our products and expect you to employ our instruments for many years without issue.

We are the professional and competent manufacturer of instrumentation that you need and expect.

Let an Enercorp sales representative assist you with choosing from one of our pre-configured standard instruments or by creating a custom product designed directly for your application.