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What Types of Sensors are in a Current Transducer?

The way a current transducer works can seem like magic; it can measure a process current without even touching it! If you’re brand new to trying to figure out this incredible process control instrument we’ve talked about the basics of sensing magnetic fields through induction in some previous blogs. Be sure to read our discussion […]

Current Transducer: How does it work?

Electricity is the lifeblood of modern industry; computers, pumps, lights, motors, conveyors, and machinery all require power to run. One would be hard-pressed to name a product that doesn’t require an electrical input somewhere within its manufacturing process. Just like other measurable environment variables, such as pressure, the monitoring or measuring of electrical current can […]

What is the Hall Effect?

The 19th century was a time of great scientific leaps. It was back in that era when the Hall effect was first discovered; a way to measure a magnetic field. It may seem like a long time ago and discoveries of that age can seem relatively primordial compared to newer scientific concepts like human genome […]

What is a Current Transducer?

Electricity is everywhere and powers everything; it is such a widespread requirement throughout all aspects of our modern world that it is easy to take it for granted. Naturally, we need the ability to monitor such a common variable that is necessary for the infinite amount of processes going on all around us. Enter the […]

What does Process Control mean?

Humans have been looking for an easier, safer, and more efficient way to do things since…well, since forever. This doesn’t mean we as a species are getting lazier; it just means we are freeing up time to do more important things. Process controls are a way that we make various menial tasks automated, but what […]