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What is a Current Transducer?

Electricity is everywhere and powers everything; it is such a widespread requirement throughout all aspects of our modern world that it is easy to take it for granted. Naturally, we need the ability to monitor such a common variable that is necessary for the infinite amount of processes going on all around us. Enter the […]

What are Thermocouples used for?

If you’ve read through our blog, “What is a Thermocouple?” then you have an idea of what they are and how they work. But what are there, usages? And, why would someone choose to use a thermocouple over one of the other types of temperature sensors out there? We’ll examine some of the characteristics that […]

What are the Different Thermocouple Types?

Thermocouples come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The distinct properties of different metals are the key to thermocouple operation. Since we’re really measuring how two different wires react in the same environment and computing those differences to a standard temperature reference. We’ll examine the various metals found in some common thermocouples and dig a […]

Question and Answer Guide: Thermocouples

Thermocouples are a tough nut to crack, there is so much to digest! If you’ve read through our other blogs on the topic but have some lingering queries, well you’re in luck! Read on to find out some common questions, and their answers, about this temperature sensing enigma. If you haven’t already, be sure to […]

What is a Pressure Sensor?

The sensing of pressure is an integral part of controlling processes in many different industries. For example: building automation; transportation; and manufacturing are but a few industries where calculating pressure data is a key step in achieving an end product. So what exactly are these instruments that do all of this important data collection in […]

What does Process Control mean?

Humans have been looking for an easier, safer, and more efficient way to do things since…well, since forever. This doesn’t mean we as a species are getting lazier; it just means we are freeing up time to do more important things. Process controls are a way that we make various menial tasks automated, but what […]

What is a Thermocouple?

Sensing temperature is an essential process for many activities that occur all around us. Think of the air conditioning that is making your room comfortable, the automobiles driving down the road, the aircraft flying overhead, or even the power plant that is generating the electricity you are currently using. Those activities may be quite different […]

What is a Thermistor?

The necessity for temperature sensing is all around us. Transportation, food processing, the manufacturing of goods, and virtually every other activity in our modern world requires the collection and interpretation of temperature data. Thermistors play an important role in the collection of this information. They are not the only way to measure temperature so be […]