2-Wire Pressure Transmitter PX61-60-R

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The PX61-60-R 2 wire pressure transmitter has a range of 0…60psi. It is designed for refrigerant and general service purposes and can be used with any non-corrosive liquid.

Technical Data

Pressure range: 0…60psi
Media compatibility: ammonia, freon, non-corrosive liquids
Output signal: 4…20 mA DC
Power supply: 24 VDC
Process connection: 1/4″ NPT
Approval: CE

    Q1: How does the PX61-60-r 2-Wire Pressure Transmitter cater to low-pressure applications?
    A: The PX61-60-R low pressure transmitters cater well to low-pressure applications. The pressure range of 0…60psi is ideal and the chemical compatibility for ammonia, freon and most non-corrosive liquids is applicable for most processes.


    Q2: What are the benefits of using the PX61-60-r model for water pressure transmission?
    A: The PX61-60-R pressure transmitter for water has numerous benefits when used in the application of water pressure transmission.
    benefits include:
    • easy installation
    • improved reliability
    • compact
    • versatility and compatibility
    • easy maintenance



    Q3: How does the PX61-60-r ensure reliability and accuracy in refrigeration systems?
    A: The PX61-60-R refrigeration pressure transmitter ensures its reliability and accuracy in refrigeration systems due to its:
    • sealed construction
    • chemical compatibility for ammonia, freon and most non-corrosive liquids
    • low hysteresis
    • environmental ratings: CE approved, IP 65 as per DIN EN 60 529
    • pressure range and resolution: 0…60psi, linearity <1% FS
    • corrosion resistant materials

    2-Wire Pressure Transmitter PX61-60-R

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