Solid Core Current Transducer SENTRY 100-1L

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The SENTRY 100-1L solid core current transducer is AC field selectable with 0…10, 0…20, 0…50 Amp range and 0…5 VDC output. The casing of the current sensor is solid and wiring must be fed through the opening.

Technical Data

Input ranges: 0…10 Amp, 0…20 Amp, 0…50 Amp
Output signal: 0…5 VDC
Power supply required: none, self powered
Sensing aperture: 0.75” dia.
VFI technology: no
Approvals: UL, ULC, CE

    Q1: What installation environments are best suited for the SENTRY 100-1L?
    A: The SENTRY 100-1L current transducer is an optimal choice for new building management or process control systems. There is a split-core version also available (SC100-1L) for retrofit applications.



    Q2: How does the SENTRY 100-1L model ensure accurate current measurement?
    A: The SENTRY 100-1L current sensing transducer uses a toroid coil to measure the current of a process wire accurately. The use of a toroid coil allows for efficient magnetic coupling, reduced interference, and high inductance, making toroidal coils valuable components in many electrical and electronic systems.



    Q3: Can the SENTRY 100-1L be integrated with other voltage monitoring systems?
    A: The SENTRY 100-1L can easily integrate into networks with other voltage current transducer sensors. Any system that operates with a 0…5 V loop will accept the SENTRY 100-1L signal without issue.


    Q4: What are the key features of the SENTRY 100-1L Solid Core Current Transducer and its applications?
    A: The SENTRY 100-1L current sensing transducer has many key
    features such as:
    • An inexpensive solid-core current transducer design
    • Operating in the 0…5 V loop category
    • Three selectable sensing ranges between 0…50 A
    Applications such as:
    • industrial automation
    • fault detection and protection
    • power monitoring and management

    Solid Core Current Transducer SENTRY 100-1L

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