Solid Core Current Switch SENTRY 250

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The SENTRY 250 solid core current switch is self powered with a solid state AC/ DC switch and smart LED. The casing of the current sensor is solid and wiring must be fed through the sensing aperture.

Technical Data

Set point range: 1…150 Amp
Switch rating: 0.3 Amp @ 135 VAC or VDC
Power supply required: none, self powered
Sensing aperture: 0.75” dia.
Smart LED: yes
Approvals: UL, ULC, CE

    Q: What are the key benefits of the Smart LED feature in the SENTRY 250 Solid Core Current Switch?
    A: The SENTRY 250 has a Smart LED which allows for a quick on-site visual indication of the switching mechanism. Also, the current sensor relay switch is variable between 1 and 150 amps, making it useful for a wide variety of industrial automation process control applications. The Smart LED can be used to ensure the SENTRY 250 is accurately tuned to the appropriate trigger point.


    Q: How does the SENTRY 250 Solid Core Current Switch ensure efficient energy management in electrical systems?
    A: Underperforming industrial equipment is a draw on both electricity usage and your bottom line. By using the SENTRY 250 Smart LED current switch you can monitor various processes and be notified well in advance of inefficient operations or even equipment failure.


    Q: Is the SENTRY 250 Solid Core Current Switch a robust solution for industrial-grade current switching?
    A: The SENTRY 250 is a great solution for industrial applications. The wide 1 to 150 amp range is appropriate for many processes. Also, the ability to switch up to 0.3 amps in either AC or DC ensures that this current relay switch can handle whatever your application requires.


    Q: Why is the SENTRY 250 considered an effective Current Sensing Switch Relay in automated environments?
    A: The SENTRY 250 current sensing switch relay is an effective automation device:
    • The wide sensing range of 1 to 150 amps is large enough for most applications
    • The Smart LED allows for both a visual check of the switch status and as an aid for tuning the switch range
    • The simple solid-core design makes the current sensing switch relay very durable in the field


    Q: What type of loads can benefit from using the SENTRY 250 current switch?
    A: The SENTRY 250 solid core current switch can handle many different types of loads in a variety of situations:
    • A load can trigger the switch between a range of 1 to 150 amps, large enough for most applications
    • The trigger setpoint is adjustable, making for a customized switching solution of the load
    • The included Smart LED assists greatly in selecting the set point and also provides a continuous visual status indication

    Solid Core Current Switch SENTRY 250

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