Current Indicator ACI-0.5-L

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The ACI current indicator is intended to be used in control panel applications for a quick and easy visual confirmation of current flow and live conductors. This self powered ring has a flashing LED and is mounted by sliding the unit directly onto the current-carrying conductor.

Technical Data

Current Range: 0.5…100 Amp
Frequency response: 50…400Hz
Power Supply required: no, self powered
Approval: UL

    Q1: What is the ACI-0.5-L Current Indicator?
    A: The ACI-0.5-L current detector is a cost-effective way to detect live conductors and see current flow to fans, heaters, pumps, lighting or other powered devices. Its high visibility flashing red LED indicates the presence of current between 0.5 A and 100 A.


    Q2: How does the ACI-0.5-L function?
    A: The ACI-0.5-L current detector functions by flashing a red LED to indicate the presence of current.
    Common applications include:
    • Quick visual status of electric motor load
    • Identifying open heater circuit connection
    • Providing panel-mounted indication of current draw on monitored load
    • Confirmation of operation for critical lighting or equipment


    Q3: What is the current range that the ACI-0.5-L can detect?
    A: Current detection on the ACI-0.5-L can be achieved between 0.5 A and 100 A. The red LED on the ACI-0.5-L will flash when current is present in that range.

    Current Indicator ACI-0.5-L

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