Stab Electrode 209 b

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209 b


This 12 3/4″ stab electrode has even thickness needle points the entire length. Designed to measure goods in sack and bales such as: excelsior, sawdust, yar, coffee beans, cacao beans, cereals and paper waste.

Technical Data

needle length: 12¾”
insulated shank: 1⅜”
weight: 7 oz
more durable than 209a

Moisture Meter to be Paired with:
This electrode is designed to be used with: KAFI, KAFIII, KAFIV, TEFI, KAMI, KAMIII, KAMIIIa, TAMI, TAMII, TAMIII, HOPII, STI, ZGMI, KAOI

Required Universal Cable:
200; 200-1,5; 200-2; 200-3

Required Electrode Holder:
204, 204 SO

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    Stab Electrode 209 b

    Backorder lead time: 3 – 4 weeks

    PRICE: USD 225.00

    Please note: This product will not work without one of the required universal cables and/or electrode holders.