Hammer Electrode 203 SO

Item Number

203 SO


This hammer electrode is designed to be used for particularly hard wood such as exotic species. The heavy duty hammer head is designed to withstand blows from a hammer.

Technical Data

depth of penetration: 23mm approx
electrode style: drive-in with hatchet-type edges and heavy-duty solid hammer head
surface contact electrode: no
durability: designed to withstand hammer or similar blows

Moisture Meter to be Paired with:
This electrode is designed to be used with: HMI, HMII, HMIII

Required Universal Cable:
200, 200-1,5, 200-2, 200-3

Required Electrode Holder:

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    Hammer Electrode 203 SO

    Backorder lead time: 3 – 4 weeks

    PRICE: USD 375.00

    Please note: This product will not work without one of the required universal cables and/or electrode holders.