Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D 4.383x.4x

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Ultrasonic anemometers allow the measurement of quickly changing wind parameters thanks to the acoustic measuring principle. The full horizontal and vertical components of the wind can be measured. Also, both gust and peak wind speed values are acquired inertia-free with the highest precision. The measurement values can be transmitted digitally and/or in analog form. The serial or analog output of the data is carried out as an instantaneous value or alternatively with a selectable time frame. If necessary, the sensor arms are automatically heated in case of critical ambient temperatures, ensuring that the possibility of malfunction by icing is minimized. Thanks to the additionally installed ultrasonic converter heating, this model is suitable for locations where harsh and frequent icing is expected.

Tech data

Measures wind speed (0…85 m/s), horizontal direction (360º), and vertical direction
Heated sensor arms, transducers, and housing
Dimensions 60 x 30cm
Weight 3.4kg


Meteorology, Climate Measuring Network, Wind Power Plant, Research and Development

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    Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D 4.383x.4x

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