2-Wire Pressure Transmitter PX61-30100-R

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The PX61-30100-R 2 wire pressure transmitter has a range of -30inHg…100psi. It is designed for refrigerant and general service purposes and can be used with any non-corrosive liquid.

Technical Data

Pressure range: -30inHg…100psi
Media compatibility: ammonia, freon, non-corrosive liquids
Output signal: 4…20 mA DC
Power supply: 24 VDC
Process connection: 1/4″ NPT
Approval: CE

    Q1: What are the benefits of the dual range (-30inHg to 100psi) in the PX61-30100-r 2-Wire Pressure Transmitter?
    A: The PX61-30100-R is capable of measuring a wide range of pressures, from vacuum (negative pressure) to positive pressure. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple pressure transmitter types or switching between different pressure measurement instruments, allowing for easier installation, simpler maintenance schedules, and an overall more cost-effective solution.


    Q2: How does the PX61-30100-r model cater to the needs of refrigerant applications?
    A: The PX61-30100-R refrigeration pressure transmitter has numerous advantages when used in refrigerant systems:
    • sealed construction
    • chemical compatibility for ammonia, freon and most non-corrosive liquids
    • low hysteresis
    • environmental ratings: CE approved, IP 65 as per DIN EN 60 529
    • pressure range and resolution: 0…100psi, linearity <1% FS
    • corrosion resistant materials


    Q3: In what applications does the PX61-30100-r Pressure Transmitter excel due to its wide pressure range?
    A: Due to the PX61-30100-R 2 wire pressure transmitter wide pressure range it excels in the following applications:
    • HVAC
    • refrigeration
    • water and wastewater management
    • chemical processing
    • industrial process control
    • food and beverage industry

    2-Wire Pressure Transmitter PX61-30100-R

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