Solid Core Current Transducer SENTRY 100-2L

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The SENTRY 100-2L, solid core current transducer is AC field selectable with 0…100, 0…150 and 0…200 Amp range and 0…5 VDC output. The casing of the current sensor is solid and wiring must be fed through the sensing aperture.

Technical Data

Input ranges: 0…100 Amp, 0…150 Amp, 0…200 Amp
Output signal: 0…5 VDC
Power supply required: none, self powered
Sensing aperture: 0.75” dia.
VFI technology: no
Approvals: UL, ULC, CE

    Q1: How does the SENTRY 100-2L model differ from other solid core current transducers in the market?
    A: The SENTRY 100-2L current sensing transducer is different than other transducers in that it outputs in 0…5 V loop. This voltage range is important in some specialized automation processes that do not accept, for example, a 4…20 mA standard.


    Q2: What makes the SENTRY 100-2L ideal for continuous current monitoring applications?
    A: The SENTRY 100-2L current transducer sensor is ideal for continuous monitoring of current. The wide sensing range between 0 and 200 amps covers almost all situations. The solid core body is rugged and will hold up well to an industrial environment. The inner toroid sensor is a practical and resilient method of sensing current.



    Q3: Can the SENTRY 100-2L be used in systems that require both high sensitivity and durability?
    A: The SENTRY 100-2L current sensing transducer is a durable and versatile sensor. The wide current sensing range of 0 to 200 amps can be narrowed if greater sensitivity is required. The toroid method of induction current sensing is durable; it is a simple process without moving parts.



    Q4: What are the primary applications for using the SENTRY 100-2L Solid Core Current Transducer?
    A: The SENTRY 100-2L current sensing transducer operates on a 0…5 volt loop. This standard has been utilized in automation for a long time, and you may find it used in some situations where there is no long wiring distance and no threat of noise interference.

    Solid Core Current Transducer SENTRY 100-2L

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