Split Core Current Switch SC225

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The SC225 split core current switch is self powered with a solid state AC/DC switch. The split core opens and is designed for ease of installation and retrofit applications.

Technical Data

Set point range: 1.25…250 Amp
Switch rating: 0.3 Amp @ 135 VAC or VDC
Power supply required: none, self powered
Sensing aperture: 0.85” sq.
Smart LED: no
Approvals: UL, ULC, CE

    Q1: How does the SC225 work?
    A: The SC225 current transducer switch works by sensing if an electrical current is passing through a wire and, if so, triggers a relay to close. Its split-core format allows for easy installation, especially when wiring is already present.


    Q2: What are the key features of the SC225?
    A: The SC225 ac current switch has many key features, such as:
    • A large and adjustable setpoint range between 1.25A and 250A
    • Can be installed around wires that are already connected
    • A switching capability of 0.3A at 135 VAC/DC

    Split Core Current Switch SC225

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