Needle Electrode Head 207

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This 4″ needle electrode is designed to measure textiles in the form of: cop, bobbins or skeins.

Technical Data

needle length: 4″
weight: 1½oz

Moisture Meter to be Paired with:
This electrode is designed to be used with: DBMI, TEMI, BSMI, SLI, KOMI, KOMII, KOMIV, JFMI, STI

Required Universal Cable:
200, 200-1,5, 200-2, 200-3

Required Electrode Holder:
204, 204 SO

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    Needle Electrode Head 207

    Backorder lead time: 3 – 4 weeks

    PRICE: USD 135.00

    Please note: This product will not work without one of the required universal cables and/or electrode holders.