Cotton Electrode 209 bsm

Item Number

209 bsm


This cotton electrode has 3″ piercing points designed to measure goods in sack and bales. This electrode is specifically designed for measuring cotton or similar product

Technical Data

piercing point: 3″
insulated shank: 7″
weight: 8 oz

Moisture Meter to be Paired with:
This electrode is designed to be used with: BSMI, SLI

Required Universal Cable:
200; 200-1,5; 200-2; 200-5

Required Electrode Holder:
204, 204 SO

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    Cotton Electrode 209 bsm

    Backorder lead time: 3 – 4 weeks

    PRICE: CAD 245.00

    Please note: This product will not work without one of the required universal cables and/or electrode holders.