Thermohygrograph - Temperature/Humidity Recorders

Temperature/Humidity Recorders, Thermohygrographs, Temperature Recorders, Humidity RecordersTemperature/Humidity Recorders - Thermohygrographs
- Design and Function

Use our Temperature/Humidity Recorders - Thermohygrographs whenever you need a record of humidity and temperature conditions. Just put them in place and start recording, no connections, not even a power cord. That's faster, easier and likely less expensive than electronic instrumentation and data loggers.

Because we can supply them with traceable humidity and temperature certification and these recorders are easily transported to our Toronto plant for re-certification they may be ideal to meet your QA requirements. Applications include laboratories, clean rooms, museums, librairies, warehouses, environmental chambers and humidity sensitive production areas.

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Temperature/Humidity Recorders - Thermohygrographs
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