Wet/Dry Bulb Psychrometers

Wet/Dry Bulb Psychrometers, Wet Bulb Psychrometers, Dry Bulb Psychrometers Wet/Dry Bulb Psychrometers Model: HT-WD-A

Our Wet and Dry Bulb Psychrometers have been designed for mushroom and greenhouse applications. They also find application in food processing and other areas where high humidities can cause problems with electronic instruments. Wet and dry bulb humidity measurements taken with this instrument are extremely accurate because we use platinum RTD's and provide forced ventilation across the wet bulb using a miniature fan.

This psychrometer functions throughout the complete humidity range including the area between 90 and 100%rH where solid state sensors and electronics can be troublesome.

The sensors are mounted inside the instrument so that sunshine can not reach them.

The fan and both temperature sensors are connected at a terminal strip inside the moisture resistant junction box on the top of the instrument.

The unit is splashwater resistant and usually suspended by the two eyelets on the top of the unit.

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Wet/Dry Bulb Psychrometers
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