Aspirated Humidity Transmitter

aspirated,humidity,transmitter,temperature,compensated,model,HTC-A-593Model: HTC-A-593 Aspirated Humidity Transmitter

Our temperature compensated Aspirated Humidity Transmitter has been designed to meet the demands of greenhouse operators, food processors, and warehouse operations where limited airflow may cause inaccurate readings with non-aspirated models. Humidity sensor is the same as found in many European instruments costing far more. The 2 wire, 4-20 mA design provides ease of installation, lowering the cost of field wiring.

The 2% accuracy over the wide range of 5-98% rH allows precise measurement of the humidity over the operating range of 0 to +60°C. Even condensation on the sensor will not harm it.

Each Aspirated Humidity Transmitter is calibrated in our computer operated atmospheric simulation chamber against our traceable Standard, a Condensation Dew Point Hygrometer. Each is delivered with a computer calibrated traceable 3 point certificate.

An RTD or thermistor can be added to provide temperature outputs. Additionally, a temperature transmitter can be added to provide 2-wire, 4-20mA temperature output as well.

A miniature fan provides aspiration while the white housing limits solar heating.

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Aspirated Humidity Transmitter
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