Fuji PXR4 Series 1/16 DIN Temperature And Process Controller Self Tuning

The new PXR4 controller is packed with features, to meet a wide variety of needs in the process industries. Low-cost options include RS485 communications, digital input, timer function, heater burnout alarm, dual outputs, and programmable alarms.

One of the most impressive features is the large LED display — larger than any other 1/16 DIN controller on the market. The faceplate, designed for NEMA 4X (IP66 equivalent), is watertight and corrosion-resistant. The easy-to-use 3-button keypad allows for programming similar to the popular PXW controller. The screw-terminal on the back further reduces the cost by eliminating the need for sockets.

The controller has all the standard features that you expect from Fuji Electric’s superior controllers, and more. In addition to auto-tuning and fuzzy control, it now comes with self-tuning — an innovation in the control field. It automatically retunes the controller under certain conditions, without the need to revert to auto-tuning. The standard 8-segment ramp/soak feature has been expanded to include two patterns that can be linked to create a 16-step profile. The PXR4 accepts temperature and process inputs, and offers two control outputs and two programmable alarms.

Remote monitoring of up to 31 controllers at a time is possible with the RS485 option that uses the industry-standard Modbus™ protocol. The purchase of a PXR4 with PC-communications includes our free Windows®-based software, PXR-LITE™.

Now, you can easily set up the controller with the new program configuration loader option with Windows®-based software. Programs for different applications can be saved to and from the controller. Call for more details.

Program Loader Interface

The Program Loader for Fuji Electric’s PX and PXR series controllers is a powerful tool for the OEM customer. Using the PXR4 Loader Assembly, the controller can be configured from a PC running on Windows environment.

Retrieve or Store Controller Data
Selectively Mask or Unmask Parameters for Viewing on the Controller
Clone Settings to Other Controllers From Saved Files
Print Data Report

PXR-LITE Communications Software

PXR-LITE© is a free Windows-based software that is supplied with the communications option on a PXR controller. It is the latest in control and monitoring of Fuji Electric’s PXR series controllers. It provides continuous remote monitoring of single or multiple controllers using a single half-duplex RS-485 line.

Monitor and Control Up to 31 Controllers from a PC via RS485-RS232 Signal Converter
Real-Time Charting and Data-Logging
Remote Setpoint Adjustment
Set Control Modes, Alarms and Other Control Parameters
Remote Auto-Tuning and Ramp-Soak Programming
Live Display of Process and Setpoint Values, Alarm Annunciators
View Single-Station or Multi-Station Data
Comprehensive Help File Included
Runs on Windows Environment, 3.1 or Later


Advanced Control Functions
    PID Plus Self Tuning
    PID Plus Fuzzy Control
Large LED Display
    4-digit, 13 mm-high display for PV
    Waterproof faceplate conforms to NEMA-4X/IP66
Digital Input
    Change between 2 setpoints
    Change between ramp/soak and standby
    Start/reset the ramp/soak
    Start/stop the auto tuning
    Cancel the alarm latch
    Start the incorporated timer
Timer Function
    On-delay or off-delay timer activated with digital input
    Up to 2 timer outputs can be obtained
Heating/Cooling Control
    Obtain both heating and cooling control output
Heater Burnout Alarm
    If heater burns out, alarm goes off
Ramp/Soak Function
    Up to 16 ramp/soak segments or two 8-segment patterns
Communications Function
    RS485 (Modbus™ protocol) interface permits remote monitoring from a PC. Free Windows®-based software, PXR-    LITE™
    Manufactured in a ISO 9001 facility and backed by a 3-year warranty
    Free Communications Software comes with the RS485 option.


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