Air Quality Monitors/Controllers

Air Quality Monitors, Air Quality ControllersAQT-2000 Air Quality Monitors/Controllers

The AQT Air Quality Monitors/Controllers operates by looking at the signal from a full spectrum sensor, automatically zeroing out temperature and humidity effects, and judging the degree of pollution. The sensor is sensitive to a wide variety of air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, ketones, aldehydes, esters benzene, alcohols, hydrogen, reducing hydrocarbons, and cigarette smoke.

Since the sensor is also sensitive to temperature and humidity, data is fed from on-board humidity and temperature sensors to the micro-processor to remove the effects of these variables from the air quality measurement.

Our latest version is the result of 10 years of development work in the air quality field. Our previous versions have demonstrated, in hundreds of installations, that they can improve levels of clean air in occupied spaces while saving energy by providing fresh air in proportion to demand.

The HHM simply plugs into and derives its power from the air quality monitor with an 8 pin telephone jack.


Air Quality Monitors, Air Quality ControllersCO2 vs Air Quality Monitoring

The AQT sensor is better suited to measuring air quality than a sensor which measures carbon dioxide. For example if a person were to smoke a cigarette in a room, the carbon dioxide sensor would not be able to detect this, even though the air quality had significantly decreased. This same set of circumstances holds true for many other contaminants such as solvents, fuels, and even carbon monoxide, all of which are much more harmful than carbon dioxide.

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Air Quality Monitors/Controllers
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