Digital Indicator DIS-2000

Digital Indicator, DIS-2000

Dual RTD Digital Indicator

The DIS-2000 digital indicator is a low cost, instrument for displaying one or two temperatures from RTD sensors.

The standard version accepts two Pt100 RTD temperature sensor inputs. The first value is continually displayed and the second is displayed when a button on the front of the instrument is depressed.

Wet/Dry bulb: The DIS-2000 digital indicator is a convenient way to monitor temperatures from a wet and dry bulb psychrometer.

Heat pumps: The DIS-2000 digital indicator is an easily installed and inexpensive way to monitor supply and return temperatures from any cooling or heating equipment. Since it can be powered by a 9 volt battery it can even be used as a portable instrument in a pinch.

The thermostat style surface mount case is quick to install with sheet metal screws and does not require a panel cutout. You will need a knock out behind the case for the power and temperature sensor connections.

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Digital Indicator DIS-2000
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